Rock is Dead. Long Live Paper and Scissors!

Friday, October 22, 2004

My first entry!

Hi everyone!
I'm SO excited! Who knew something like this was out there in the www! (weird wacky world? we want wendy's?) I can type what I'm thinking and everyone can read it. :) I'm going to update this every single day.

Today Ezra woke me up at 6am by jumping on my massonkey. I squealed so high and loud that Natalie thought it was a fire alarm and called the fire truck. It was an exciting morning. 2 hours later, they were gone after child-proofing our apartment so no accidents happen. I tend to tumble down those stairs and hit my head on those sharp table corners a lot!

After that at around 8, I came on the computer to learn how to do this. It's now 3pm and I think I finally got the hang of it!
Bye everyone! Check back tommorow!
xoxoxoxoxo TAYLOR <3~~~~